Next in our series of 10 Questions in 10 Minutes, Eden Mill’s head of marketing, Hannah Ingram talks about her role, why she loves the spirits industry and what makes each day so special.

How did you get started with a career in the spirits industry?

I worked as a tour guide in distilleries when I was in university, which ignited my interest in and passion for the industry. I loved all the history and stories around whisky-making, and how many people would come and visit from all over the world just to see how it’s made! 

I knew I wanted to work in the spirits industry from then on, but studied languages at university and wasn’t sure how to combine the two. Then I came across the Chivas Brothers International Graduate Programme which was taking on recent graduates to become brand ambassadors. I applied for it and was successful, so spent two years working for them in Paris before moving to their global offices in London for five years. I then relocated back to Scotland last year and started my journey with Eden Mill!

Is there a particular business that inspires you? 

Tony’s Chocolonely stands out for a variety of reasons. They have done a great job of educating consumers on the inequality in cocoa production and how many cocoa producers are not paid fairly, and how the cocoa industry facilitates forced labour and child labour. I think they have successfully shown how much a bar of chocolate should cost when everyone in the chain is paid fairly for their work. 

Most of my friends and family (myself included) buy it now and don’t begrudge the price, even though it is significantly more expensive than other mainstream brands. They have a diverse yet strategically thought-out range with different sizes and formats appealing to different occasions. They make personalisation easy and affordable, so it’s great for gifting. Their branding is eye-catching and stands out, and most importantly, the chocolate is actually incredible! 

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

I always feel very grateful to work in an industry that genuinely interests me and of which I feel passionate and proud, so that is probably what I enjoy the most. Even though it is tough at times – as all jobs are – I never don’t want to go to work, which is a nice position to be in.

There are so many exciting launches and milestones happening at Eden Mill at the moment. Can you tell us all about the most exciting of them all, the upcoming distillery launch? 

I am so excited for the opening of the new Distillery and Visitor Centre. I know this will be such a huge turning point for Eden Mill, both as a company and as a brand. It will be great for us to be able to welcome people to our home and show them how we make our great gins and whiskies and help them discover what Eden Mill is all about.

What makes Eden Mill so special?

Eden Mill is special as it’s a small company on the cusp of a very exciting journey. We have a lot of interesting things going on – from our brand redesign to our single malt launches and, of course, our new Distillery. The whole team is dedicated and working towards these big milestones and we are all excited to see the company grow.

If you weren’t doing your particular role at Eden Mill, which other role would you like? 

Probably working in events. I know this industry can be quite stressful, but I am an organised person and I like planning things so I feel like it speaks to my strengths!

Can you tell us what a typical day at Eden Mill looks like?

Our days are always busy! Being a very small team, we are all involved in various projects and any given time. But variety is the spice of life, as they say.

Explain Eden Mill in 3 words

Vibrant, elegant, inquisitive.

If you have a day off, where do you head to relax and unwind? 

I am a keen runner and also go to the gym regularly. I find both help me clear my head and stay more focused. I also like going out for a long walk with a coffee and a podcast.

What has been a particular career highlight for you? 

It would have to be all the travel I’ve done. Between my previous job and my current one with Eden Mill, I have been to some amazing places that I would probably never have managed to visit myself. I absolutely love travelling and discovering new places and cultures, so to get to do this through my job is a massive bonus.

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