JEPCO Social Media

JEPCO Social Media

JEPCO Social Media

The Brief

JEPCO approached Silver Pear to help build their brand on corporate social media channel, LinkedIn. JEPCO is a third generation-owned large-scale salad farm in the east of England, specialising in lettuce, spring onions and spinach.  

The brand was keen to communicate its story and ethos across the UK and Europe’s agriculture and food industries, using thought-leadership style posts. 

Over the course of two years, Silver Pear was tasked with creating the account from scratch and populating the feed with thought provoking, information led content, to ensure JEPCO was part of the industry conversation.  

The Approach

At the outset of the project, Silver Pear was tasked with creating the JEPCO Farm business to business profile and outlining its pillars of content.  

Throughout the project, Silver Pear undertook weekly calls with JEPCO’s marketing and commercial director, to establish what was taking place at the farm. This varied from interesting meetings with potential suppliers and their outcomes, to planting the first seeds of the season, the first harvest taking place in May, the winter planning schedule for the next seasons, trips abroad to visit and learn from co-growers and JEPCO’s attendance at exhibitions and industry events, such as Fruit Logistica. 

In addition, Silver Pear would also prepare and post content relating to JEPCO’s industry leading hydroponics facilities (covered glasshouses where lettuce is whole in filtered ponds, protected from diseases, pests and the all-important British weather). This system enables JEPCO to produce lettuce for its major customers 52 weeks of the year.  

In addition to its everyday work, JEPCO was keen to highlight its staff members. To aid this, we prepared a monthly ‘Staff Spotlight’, delving deeper into a team member’s role at the company.  

We also crafted a bimonthly article called ‘On the Farm’, which outlined the plans for the coming month. This was shared across JEPCO’s LinkedIn feed and marketing channels. 

The Results

Over the course of the project, the profile grew by over 500%, from a couple of hundred followers to thousands. In addition, JEPCO reported that its share of voice within the industry improved and grew exponentially, securing its position as one of the leading voices in British hydroponics.  

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