Carrie Eames, Cream Communications, Nottingham

Rachel has been like a dynamo. She has taken a brief and executed it to perfection, seeking every angle and opportunity. She has identified additional story ideas to secure every piece of coverage possible. This is all whilst working virtually, from the office, with a quick call at the beginning of the week to check priorities and focus. She would be a great asset to any team and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her (as long as you don’t take her away from me for too long!)”

Mary Clyne, BBC Series Producer, The Good Food Show

Rachel is an extremely good operator – very efficient, imaginative and pro-active in her approach. Good at lateral thinking, she often suggested unusual angles to excite the imagination of her journalistic colleagues – exploiting all avenues to achieve successful coverage for stories at both local and national level.

Rod Natkiel, Head of Network Production, BBC Birmingham

The promotional work on the new series of Delia’s How To Cook has been extremely prominent and effective and the relationship you have built with Delia is a first class example of talent management. Thank you and well done.

Ken Hom, Food Writer and Broadcaster

Rachel publicised my BBC-2 series Hot Wok with incredible talent and success. The press coverage was more than I had ever experienced for any of my previous series and if series 2 is commissioned then Rachel will be working on it.

Bob Monkhouse

A true professional. She is reliable, truthful, efficient and very pleasant to work with. Her ideas are clever, her handling of the press is expert, and I shall also miss her discretion and common sense.

James Hunt, Editor, This Morning ITV

Within days of Rachel’s arrival at This Morning, she orchestrated one of the biggest publicity exposures the programme has ever received and her work continued at a similar standard throughout her time on the show. Hard working and professional in her dealings with the media and her inventiveness in seizing opportunities was admirable.